21 Apr 2023
Friday, April 21, 2023

Middle School and Junior Basketball Season

Sports, Wildcats

Today, we had our first match of the season with SSIS, and our team won by 55:26. The score for the first quarter was 19:6, and for the second quarter was 12:4. In the last quarter, we won by 24:16 and the game was over with our win. The opponent team fouled on our team players a few times during the match. However, we still won by focusing on the game. Our team will keep this win streak and will win other future games. Let’s go Wildcats. Team Captain: Jason Byun

Today our Ladycats played our first game of the season and we won!!! The score was 6:4. One was a fast break, and two were layups. Our defense was amazing. Despite the win, however, we have things to work on. Our dribbling was a bit lacking, since as soon as we got the ball we would freak out and throw it away. Additionally, we can work on our layups, and our communication could be better. However, this is our first game of many to come. We had one day of practice, but we came and won the game. So, congrats girls! We’re off to an amazing start of the season!