Core Values

At Shanghai Livingston American School, all students are placed into one of four Wildcat houses: White Tigers, Black Lions, Red Lynx, or Silver Snow Leopards. Every year the houses compete against each other in a tournament of events to earn House Points. Students can also earn points by demonstrating our Core Values (Creative Thinker, Proficient Communicator, Confident Individual, and Compassionate Citizen of the World) in the classroom. The house that earns the most points every month wins a prize!

Compassionate Citizens of the World

Our students will act responsible and act with integrity, empathy and dignity. Finally, they will understand the value of working towards unity and harmony and work to exhibit international understanding by bridging cultures and having respect for and tolerance of others.



Confident Individual

Our students will engage in class activities and ask probing questions to gain a better understanding of the material. They will participate in class discussions and share ideas in positive and respectful ways. Finally, they will pro-actively seek out new knowledge through personal research when a topic grabs their interest.



Creative Thinker

Our students will demonstrate mastery of knowledge and skills in multiple ways and show a comprehensive understanding of the material. They will embrace a strong sense of community through support of each other during the learning process. Finally, they will learn from others in the class in pairs or groups without consistent guidance from teachers.



Proficient Communicator

Our students will clearly articulate the importance of concepts they are learning in class and express “why” the Knowledge or skills are valuable for them to learn. They will be able to verbalize the meaningful connections of the units they study to the real world. Finally, they will internalize the methods and steps necessary for solving new problems or approaching new material in their classes.