Middle School

Students in the middle school study core courses and electives that build on the skills learned in elementary school and enable them to succeed in high school.

The core academic program includes instruction in the four core subject areas: English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The language arts curriculum provides students with an analytical understanding of literature, while improving their writing abilities and expanding vocabulary. Students explore the four major literary genres: short story, novel, drama, and poetry, while reading and responding to works of fiction and non-fiction emphasize the development and expression of individual ideas.

The mathematics curriculum helps students become problem solvers and builds a foundation for more advanced math courses.

The field and laboratory-based science curriculum focuses on physical and environmental issues and their inter-relationships. Students become actively involved in the scientific process as they investigate the world around them.

In social studies, middle school students study ancient history and world geography, which includes the study of the people and culture of China, ancient civilizations and American history.

Students also take physical and health education each semester and experience instruction in sport activity units, essential physical fitness training, and a variety of developmentally appropriate health topics.