Parent Teacher Association

Shanghai Livingston American School will seek input from parents, teachers and students to strive to create educational programs that will maximize learning opportunities for all.

Regular meetings of parent/ teacher/ student representatives will be held to identify areas of concern, design improvement plans, and recognize areas of achievement and improvement. A fall and spring overnight field trip and community service trips to a newly chosen rural sister school will be planned by PTA members.

The PTA Executive Board Members are as follows:
  • Rupali Singh – President
  • Leah Wang – Secretary
  • Samantha Chan- International Community Liaison
  • Jessica Luo – Chinese Community Liaison
  • Meghan Chiang – Chinese Community Liaison
  • Mio Tabuchi- Japanese Community Liaison
  • Tomoko Tanabe – Japanese Community Liaison
  • Ji-Yeon Lim – Korean Community Liaison