There is a door-to-door school bus service program run by Shanghai Livingston American School.

The cost per student for each semester is RMB 9,000 within 15KM, and RMB 9,300 for over 15KM.

For additional information please contact:

Ms. Emily Zhang at +86(21) 135-2448-4553 or Information Center: +86(21) 6238-3511 or +86(21) 5218-8372

Click here to download the Bus Registration Form (Word)

School Bus Routes:
Bus #
Bus Teacher
1 Mr. Louis South Jin Hui Road >>> Korean Town
2 Ms. Corra Yishan Road >>> Long Ming Road
3 Mr. Melo Riviera Oasis >>> Weining Road
4 Ms. Yang Uptown >>> Cuiyu Road
5 Ms. Fay Sun Plaza >>> Zi Yun Road
6 Ms. Janny Huang Jin Cheng Road >>> Rong Hua Dong Road
7 Ms. Zhou Mandarin City Phase I >>> Mandarin City Phase II
8 Mr. Bradley Jiangsu Road >>> Cloudnine Shopping Centre
9 Ms. Xie Yelian Road Gaojing Road Huqingping Highway
10 Ms. Gong Huangjin Cheng Road >>> Manao Road
11 Ms. Lisa Xuying Road >>> Jinfeng Road
12 Ms. Shirley Changning Road >>> Zhongshan Park
13 Ms. Guo Hongqiao Road Hongmei Road Hami Road
14 Mr. Nico Puming Road >>> Pucheng Road
15 Ms. Joselyn West Guangyuan Road >>> Tianyaoqiao Road
16 Ms. Lu Hongxin Road >>> Hongquan Road
17 Ms. Wang Yanlord END
18 Ms. Zhou Xikang Road >>> Anfu Road
19 Ms. Rose Xinlong Road >>> Zhongchun Road
20 Ms. Judy Gulang Road East Yunling Road Xiangzhang Road
The school is not obliged to offer the bus service
if your housing location is not within the existing routes.