21 May 2021
Friday, May 21, 2021

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My Father’s Overcoming of Adversity

Family connections and growth

“Reflecting on my father’s early life, I realize how little I knew about his upbringing. It wasn’t until I asked him about his earliest memories that I began to understand the hardships he faced…it’s a reminder to me of the sacrifices he made to provide for our family and the resilience that allowed him to overcome adversity”

Apollo Popowitz

SLAS Times Spring 2023

Young Adults Will Change the Future of the Game Industry:

Interview with Century HuaTong CEO Wang Ji

Games had deeply influenced people’s life from a long time ago. Twenty years ago, when asking people about notable video game companies, they might consider Japan, Korea, and the US. No one would think about China. Yet, in the past ten years, the Chinese game industry developed rapidly and proved to the world that China could produce exquisite games…

[Check out the question Wildcat Kitty Li posed to CEO Wang Ji and read the magazine to find out his responses!]

How can a game company know its position?
What is the central part when it comes to producing a game?
How can a student prove their interest in ggaming with their extracurricular activities?
As a CEO, what advice would you give to young teens today?

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