English Language Development (ELD) Program

English Language Development (ELD) Program

Prior to entering the school, students are given a placement test. Based on the results, students either enter on level, advanced, or ELD courses. ELD courses are meant for students who are still acquiring the English language. We offer English, science, and history classes for ELD students based on their English proficiency level.


Test Dates

The ESL Advancement Exam (EAE) will be administered twice yearly for currently enrolled ELD students, once in December, and again in late May.

The Exam

The test is based on showing mastery of the key skills of reading and writing (literacy). It requires students to read passages and write clear, well-organized responses to them.

The Advancement Process into Standard English Classes

The new process takes into account three factors: a) literacy (the EAL), b) motivation and diligence (grades), and c) oral and listening skills (interview). This is how it works: a) If students were to pass the test, b) we then would review their grades in all ESL classes, and if their grades were adequate (B or above), c) they would be required to pass an interview with an English department member that focuses on oral and listening skills. Students who pass all three requirements would advance.