Health & Safety

The safety and well-being of the students and faculty at Shanghai Livingston American School are our highest priority. The school has employed specialists to identify health and safety issues at our new campus and their recommendations have been and will be implemented and monitored.


1. The campus location has been carefully selected so as to be away from heavy traffic, factories, power generators and other  environmental conditions.
2. The campus has been outfitted with specially-designed furniture with rounded edges, protected electrical outlets, anti-skid walkways and stairs, shatterproof windows, etc. The school is also free of asbestos and lead-based paints.
3. Students are supervised at all times. All visitors are required to check-in at the office and are given special passes to wear while on campus. Students are released only to individuals who have been approved by their parents/guardians.
4. Playground equipment and activities are chosen with safety considerations in mind.
5. There is a school emergency plan in place. Students, staff and parents are made aware of appropriate procedures in special circumstances. Practice emergency drills (fire, earthquake, and other threats to safety) are held regularly.


Health and Hygiene

1. The school’s heating/air-conditioning equipment circulates air which has been filtered of impurities.
2. Campus food services are manned by specially trained personnel whose job it is to maintain the highest level of sanitation. Food offerings are tasty, wholesome and nutritious. Food preparation and service adhere to stringent rules, such as the segregation of raw and cooked foods, maintenance of proper temperatures and antiseptic cleaning of utensils and dishware.
3. Good health habits and hygiene are an integral part of the Livingston curriculum. Children are taught the importance of frequent hand-washing and avoidance of the spread of germs. Children who become ill while at school are sent to the nurse’s office where they await parent/guardian pickup. (For other information regarding health services, such as health records, administration of medicines at school, etc., please see the Parent Handbook.)