Other Admissions Info

  • The Shanghai Livingston American School administration is charged with making grade level and placement decisions. The judgment of the principal in these matters is final.
  • Students who have not completed a full year of a given grade by the fall entrance date will be required to re-enroll in the same grade level.
  • A completed application form assumes that the applicant agrees to comply with all posted SLAS rules and regulations.
  • Only the SLAS administration is charged with making admissions decisions. Admissions Office staff members have been directed not to make or offer judgments regarding student qualifications. As such, please do not ask Admissions Office personnel to judge your child’s qualifications or accept staff predictions regarding your child’s ultimate admission status. Such judgments will not be considered binding on the SLAS administration.
  • Admissions testing may be required of any student prior to admission to the school. When students cannot come to campus for testing, their families will be responsible for arranging impartial testing by a reputable third party at their present school in a secure setting. Tests will not be shared with parents and students in advance of testing. Results of tests will be shared with parents and students, but students will not be allowed to view or copy any admission test. Parents will be notified by phone, fax, or email when admission testing will be required. SLAS will not accept responsibility for contact with families when accurate phone numbers or email addresses are not provided.
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL) tests will be given to students in grades 1 through 8 as deemed appropriate by school personnel. On the basis of the test scores received, the students will either be: 1) accepted into the regular program; 2) accepted into the system ELD program; or 3) advised to seek an intensive English program elsewhere until such time as they can retake the test and pass it.
  • Confidential letters of reference may be required prior to any admission decision being made by a principal. It will be the responsibility of applying families to see that reference forms are returned to the school in a timely and confidential manner.
  • Seat guarantee holders must qualify for admission to the school under the same requirements as those students who do not hold seat guarantees.
  • Official written acceptance to SLAS will include information regarding the school starting date and class assignments. Students may report to class on, but not prior to, the date in the letter of acceptance.
  • Admission to SLAS is governed by SLAS Board of Director policy, which provides a priority system for admissions. A student’s standing on the wait lists may change, depending on the applications of other students with higher priority.