Mission Statement

The mission of Shanghai Livingston American School is to prepare students for academic and personal success in a
caring community, where diversity is celebrated and mutual respect among its members are practiced. At SLAS, we are focused on providing our students with the foundation of lifelong learning and the skills and values needed to become leaders in the global community.

SLAS Core Values

Proficient Communicator

Skilled at reading, writing, speaking, able to think and communicate clearly and express concepts and ideas in a variety of forms.

Confident Individual

Self confident and able to demonstrate the assertive characteristics necessary to succeed in a competitive global community.

Compassionate Citizen of the World

Responsible and acts with integrity, empathy, and dignity, and exhibits international understanding by bridging cultures and having respect for and tolerance of others.

Creative Thinker

Creative and open-minded in developing a passion for learning.



As a member of the SLAS community, I will strive to …..

W ork with integrity, empathy and dignity.

Have respect for and tolerance of others.

Exhibit international understanding by bridging cultures.

I nnovative and Informative.

 Be creative and open-minded.

 Develop a passion for learning.

L earn.

Things you don’t know.

 Responsibility for doing your own work.

D etermined to be the best we can be!

 Demonstrate what you have learned and what you can do.

  C ommunicate constructively with each other and are polite.

 Have confidence in ourselves and others.

 Come together at hard times and use our problem solving skills to help.

A pply knowledge and use leadership skills.

To build supportive relationships.

To recognize the interests, aspirations and needs of others.

T hink creatively and be open-minded in developing a passion for learning.

Applying a variety of technology and internet based research.

S ynergize.

Cooperate and work together to create a better solution.

Explore new ideas.