23 May 2024
Thursday, May 23, 2024

Cissa Basketball Wrap Up

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Cissa Girls Basketball

On Saturday May 18th, we attended the 2024 CISSA Basketball Tournament and won 3 out of 4 games. Everyone played incredibly well. Our season started off rocky with lots of room for improvement. Our communication was lacking, and we were still grasping the basics of basketball.

However, throughout the season, each player has shown remarkable growth, especially in how we communicate on the court. During today’s tournament, our teamwork shone through. We were passing, shooting, and strategizing together. While we made a few mistakes, we quickly learned from them and adapted our game.

I’m immensely proud of the dedication and effort everyone has put into this sport. We’ve shown great sportsmanship and respect towards other teams, embodying the spirit of compassionate citizenship.

I can’t wait to see what everyone brings to the table next year. GO LADYCATS!!- Jacelynn g7

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Cissa Boys Basketball

Saturday May 18th, we competed in our tournament against several schools, including SMIC-(25-14 win in favor of SMIC) SSIS-(5-24 win for Wildcats)YCIS-27-14 win in favor of YCIS)and SAS-(14-9 in favor of SAS) It was both enjoyable and challenging, especially since we were missing a few players and faced tough opponents. Our team made a strong effort and managed to secure a win against SSIS. In the games we lost, However, we still need to improve, particularly in finishing plays and making better passes. Overall, this tournament was a valuable learning experience, and we hope to use what we learned for next year’s tournament. We are forever grateful for the support from everyone especially our PTA for all the snacks and drinks provided throughout the tournament. Go Wildcats🏀😇
~~ Sonosuke Mukai

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Cissa JNR Basketball

Congrats to everyone on a fun season. We started with almost no experience in real games and finished the season defeating SAS, the first team that beat us at the beginning of the season. The kids showed much improvement with every game. A lot of us did not know the basics of basketball just a few weeks ago, but now they have gotten a lot of experience passing, shooting, and working as a team. Coach Alex