29 Nov 2023
Wednesday, November 29, 2023

SLAS: Wildcats Hackathon!



Our students participated in an intensive two day Hackathon event at Wellington College where they attended workshops on various technologies ranging from programming, web development, AI, Robotics, App development and game development. They were then presented with various scenarios where they were required to pick one and develop a solution/product using the skills learnt from the workshops.

Our students worked extremely hard throughout Saturday afternoon tinkering with their projects, displaying creativity, collaboration, communication skills and team work. By Sunday mid morning, they had refined their solutions ready to present to the judges.

Students’ projects were judged based on various criteria and awards were given in different categories namely: INGENUITY award, INNOVATION award, COLLABORATION award and WELLINGTON VALUES award. Our students were runners up in 3 categories and won the VALUES award!

Students enjoyed the event and learnt a lot. All of them are looking forward to their next Hackathon event!