19 Nov 2021
Friday, November 19, 2021

SLAS: Science Fair Results!

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This year’s Science Fair included some very creative engineering/design projects and experiments! The students worked in groups to design original investigations into a topic of their choice. Student work was displayed in the auditorium and students and teachers were given the opportunity to peruse the projects. Science department teachers were happy with the students’ enthusiastic participation this year!

Middle School Medal Winners:


Title: Engineering an Amphibious Car (by Daichi Yamamoto and Luke Yoshimura)

Daichi and Luke engineered amphibious vehicles that could move forward in a straight line on land or water. Their process was creative, including innovative designs and multiple prototypes to meet the needs of the project.


Title: Don’t Smoke! (by Rachel Kim and Grace Lee)

Rachel and Grace demonstrated how smoking causes harmful chemicals to deposit on the lungs using a specially designed machine that smokes cigarettes, dragging the smoke through cotton balls with a vacuum pump.


Title: Crystal Experiment (by Mujin Kim and Siyul Park)

Siyul and Mujin investigated the relationship between the type of filtration used on a supersaturated solution of copper sulfate pentahydrate and the extent of polycrystallization during crystal growth, as well as crystal size.

Honorable Mention

Title: How Sound Volume Change (by Karen Tabuchi and Miko Maita)

Karen and Miko investigated the damping effect of a string as wave energy was lost over greater and greater distances.

High School Medal Winners:


Visualize Sound with Laser Beam (by Yejun Byeon and Bruno Solis)

Yejun and Bruno investigated the relationship between the pitch of sound and the amplitude of that sound, and demonstrated resonance harmonics in the system they had built to measure amplitude.


Title: Which Type of Fingerprint Scanner is the Best (by Eito Kadowaki and Gina Ban)

Eito and Gina tested three different systems of cell phone fingerprint recognition to determine which performed best in conditions that could make the fingerprints difficult to read.


Title: Color Change of Potatoes (by Lana Lee and Yuka Iseda)

Lana and Yuka investigated the role of enzymes in the oxidation of potatoes.

Brian Delsandro, M.S. Head of Science | AP Instructional Leader