06 Dec 2023
Wednesday, December 6, 2023

SLAS Floor Hockey Tournament

Sports, Wildcats


The Sports Department is very excited to announce that our First Hockey tournament conducted by the China International Schools Sports Association (CISSA) turned out exceptionally well!

We were able to secure two wins out of four games played by SLAS despite our team’s early experience in the game of Hockey this year.

Each player worked hard to bring about both wins and this was a proud moment for our school signaling a promising future for other Hockey tournaments. We were particularly astonished at how well SLAS performed in the first game by scoring the first and fastest goal just under 5 minutes of the tournament.

Our first win was against HIS1 in Round 1 of the tournament of which we won leading by 4-1 points and our second win was against HIS2 in Round 4 of which we won leading by 5-1 points.

The game of Hockey like any other sport takes confidence and hard work for a great performance and our team simply proved that they were up for the challenge.

Our department is energized and does look forward to encouraging as well as equipping the team for more professional plays and future wins!

Congratulations SLAS!😊