17 Dec 2022
Saturday, December 17, 2022

SLAS: Christmas at SLAS

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Every year as we near the Christmas season, you will hear Christmas songs playing, see decorations all over campus, and really feel that Christmas is in the air! Check out photos of some of our annual events below with more to come!

SLAS Christmas Trees

Our Early Years and Primary Classes each decorated their own tree in early December. The trees have been place around the school for everyone to enjoy. Each tree features various themes based on fun holiday traditions or literary works. Here is a look at some of them!

The SLAS Annual Christmas Concerts were a lot of fun! Our Wildcats worked hard practicing their songs and dance moves for the show! Take a look at some of our completed concerts and a few sneak peeks into our Secondary concert rehearsals. We look forward to seeing our secondary band and orchestra perform on January 13!

Stay tuned for more updates here!