17 Sep 2015
Thursday, September 17, 2015

Primary will practiced reading strategy


In Writing Class we began covering what makes a good personal narrative paragraph including putting thoughts and feelings into our writing, describing events in the correct order, and adding details and vivid words. We also learned about compound sentences and reviewed types of sentences.
In Reading class we began our new story Destiny’s Gift.  We practiced the reading strategy of analyzing and evaluating characters and the reading skill of understanding characters’ feelings, traits and motivations based on their actions.  For phonics, we began learning about the common vowel pairs “ai, ay, ee, and ea”.
In Math we learned about solving problems involving money, including the review of identifying coins and their values.  We also covered correct dollar notation, and solving frames and arrows problems.
In Social Studies we finished our chapter on communities.  We also learned about map skills including the use of cardinal directions and map scale to find the distance between places.
In Science we continued our unit on plant and animal structures and began learning about how these structures help animals survive.