28 May 2014
Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Elementary Update: May 2014


First Grade: First grade is learning about the relationship between animals and their habitats, and ways that their body, color or behavior help them survive. In reading, they have been working on fluency for their upcoming reading assessments.

Second Grade: This week second graders have been learning how to write an opinion essay. They also have been learning about the water cycle. They have learned new vocabulary such as evaporation, condensation, and precipitation!

Third Grade: Third grade has been working on research writing and learning about mythological heroes in social studies.

Fourth Grade: At the beginning of this week 4h graders had fun at our classroom Market Day. Students applied their economic knowledge gained from previous lessons by starting a business with a group. Each student had a different job to prepare for the opening of their business on Market Day. The business that made the most profit after the selling period was the winner. We had a great time, and it was a perfect way to apply our economic skills.
Fifth Grade: Fifth graders are in the computer lab this week researching information for their expository essay. Each student last week, in class and for homework, selected three topics in which they were interested in and asked questions in order to guide their quest for knowledge. This week we are furthering our knowledge and selecting one topic to focus on. In math we are reviewing finding the area of a square and learning an algorithm to use rectangles to find the area of a triangle. In science we are continuing to learn about the circulatory and excretory systems.