17 Nov 2014
Monday, November 17, 2014

Early Years Update: Nov 14, 2014



What a fun week in Nursery! This week theme: Harvest / Fruits

We showed different kinds of fruits with different sizes and colors for the children to sort, count and explore. We read the scholastic book “The Biggest Apple Ever” and sang the song “I Like to Eat Apples and Bananas“. For art and crafts we use some of the fruits for painting. The children enjoyed dipping the fruits In paint and

make their personalized place mats. Literacy: Basic Phonics: K Our words this week were ( Kite, Kangaroo, King).

Ms. Connie



This week Preschool was Very Very excited about the letter V!  Our Autumn and Harvest theme continued as we explored vegetables, farms, and the changing seasons.  In Logic & Numeracy we continued our pattern making work with ABCA and ABA patterns, and worked with the number 9.  The highlight of the week was a trip to the Renai International Medical Center to wrap up our Community Helpers unit!  Many thanks to Dr. Khelu and his team for welcoming us so warmly to the clinic.  We really enjoyed meeting so many people who help keep us healthy and safe!

Ms. Sarah


What a busy week! This week learned all about the letter D – dogs, ducks, dancing and dinosaurs, oh my! It was so much fun making our letter D dinos. We also had the Early Years Assembly – congratulations to Jade, our November Student of the Month. In math we built barns and continued working on more/less and introduced high/low. We also sang songs about autumn and made leaf creatures. A delightful week!

Ms. Victoria


This week in Kindergarten we have been ‘Falling into Learning’ and discovering all sorts of interesting facts about migration and hibernation! In Math we sorted a variety of objects by their attributes and practiced creating, extending and describing patterns. In literacy we looked at the ‘at’ word family, wrote word webs about fall/autumn and began learning how to identify different parts of a book. We also had the Early Years Assembly – congratulations to Yvonne, our November Student of the Month!

Ms. Nadya