Stomp! Chomp! Big roars! Here come the Preschool A dinosaurs!


Prehistoric creatures have arrived in our classroom this week and the children are delighted.  It has been a very active week full of dinosaur stomping, dancing, and even dinosaur yoga!  We have read lots of colorful, fact filled dinosaur books this week. Two of our favorites were Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones by Byron Barton and Dinosaurs Roar! by Paul Stickland and Henrietta Stickland. We also learned about paleontologists, the scientists that find and study the bones of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Watch out for pterosaurs, t rexes, and triceratops next week as we try to answer the question “What happened to the dinosaurs?” through lively Extinction Event Theatre activities, making our very own dinosaur eggs, measuring dinosaurs, and more.