29 Sep 2016
Thursday, September 29, 2016

2nd Grade learn about government

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In Math, 2nd Grade are learning about Fact Families and how they can help us solve missing addends in our math equations. Fact Families also help us understand inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. We enjoyed “Fishing for the Rule” in a given sequence of numbers.

We wrapped up our first unit of Social Studies and took our summative assessment on Friday. We have learned how the government of the United States was founded and how it runs. Many of our countries have a similar structure because they, too, are patterned on Great Britain’s structure. Ms. Shari’s class will share a song called “We Are Citizens” at the first monthly assembly on Tuesday.

This week many of us enjoyed learning all about Miss Fry’s classroom in Teacher’s Pets. While we enjoyed reading about all of the students’ pets, we agreed it would be noisy to have our classroom turn into a zoo! We studied sequence of events, consonant blends, and the endings “–ed” and “–ing.” All in all, we are settling in and becoming more comfortable with the routines of our second grade classrooms.