Early Years, Primary and High School Block 1 started off the year of in Art Class by immediately getting creative and diving into their art projects!
Nursery Years are getting introduced to art materials! So far they have practiced holding a crayon in their hands and exercised their fine motor skills by rolling and squishing playdoh.
Early Years and Kindergarten began the year by learning about the primary colors and how to use them to create new color. We also have done some basic printmaking using recycled materials such as cups (which make perfect circles when pressed down!) and cut pieces of cardboard to print straight lines.
Primary years, grades 1 through 5 are learning about Visual Communication as they participate in an art contest where the theme is “Healthy Living Makes Me a Better Learner”.  On the first day we brainstormed and created lists about what types of things we can do to keep healthy and then we got to work with the task of how to show that clearly and creatively in our artwork. I am amazed at the amount of fresh ideas the students are coming up with!
High School/ Block 1 are working on completing their first project where they are using the letters of their name as a design element. They are also learning some color pencil shading techniques in this project as well as some art history. The class has looked closely at the diverse artworks of Stuart Davis, Ryan McGuinness, Fernand Leger and Kenny Scharf for inspiration on technique, color and subject matter.
Please visit the art room’s website at http://welcometomyartroom.zohosites.com