26 Mar 2021
Friday, March 26, 2021

SLAS: History Fair 2021

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2021 History Fair

Two years ago, Mr. Niels introduced the History Fair with one of his history classes. It was a great success. It was so successful that the History Department decided to incorporate the Fair for the entire Middle School.
Once again, a great success, and it is anticipated to have secondary as the whole participate in the History Fair next year.
The history department began to outline the objectives and design of the Fair at the beginning of the school year. We first introduced the project to the students before the Christmas break, so the students could begin to think of possible partners and potential project ideas.
The teachers of the history department worked extremely hard throughout this time to balance both class content and History Fair project.


The middle school students did a great job and proved to gain the many Core Values of SLAS.
-They made Creative projects!
-They were Compassionate and helped others!
-Students Proficiently Communicated while asking teachers for advice and working in groups!
-Lastly, the students gained the needed Confidence to to design, display, and present their History Fair projects to the entire secondary staff and student body.
The History Department is extremely proud of Middle School students!
And a big congratulations to the winners!
1st Place – Ashley and Drishti
2nd Place – Kevin and Tanuj
3rd Place – Annyka and Roshan