29 Mar 2019
Friday, March 29, 2019

SLAS: Talent Show 2019

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Our Annual 2019 SLAS Talent Show was a fantastic success! All of our talented Wildcats showcased their superb skills. It was a thrilling and very proud moment for all of us at SLAS.

  1. Art Submissions

    Winners Primary:

    1. Apple Mun G5
    2. Patris-Daciana Corduneau G5
    3. Drishti Pattnaik G4


    Winners Secondary:

    1. Jun Ho Kim G11
    2. James Fang G10
    3. Alisa Paoletto G6


  1. K-G2 Performance


    1. Zoe Manlangil
    2. Kahana Nakadai
    3. Charlene Hsu
  1. G3-G5 Performance


    1. Victor Viloria
    2. Shubhodeep Sinha
    3. Grace Lee


  1. Secondary Performance


    1. Maxon, Anthony, Ryu, Kei, Santiago (Rock Band #2)
    2. Mathew, Sae, James, Peter (Rock Band #1)
    3. Jonason Zhang


Stay tuned for more photos as we update!

*Special Thank You to Mr. Robbie & Mr. Jack for the great Photos!