22 Mar 2016
Tuesday, March 22, 2016

SLAS Science Fair 2016


SLAS Primary and Secondary students competed in our 2016 Science Fair on March 16, 17 & 18.  Projects included a wide variety of fascinating topics including experiments on brain chemistry, aerodynamics,  and forensics.

The top awards in Primary are:

K-A: Sophie Clark
K-B: Riku Hayata

Grade 1:

Gold Medal – Antonina Godlewska
Silver Medal – Itsuka Yoneda
Bronze Medal – Amy Choi
Honorable Mention – Kanata Saito

Grade 2:

Gold Medal – Bryan Koh
Silver Medal – Yumin Kim
Bronze Medal – Elena Lee
Honorable Mention – Leonardo Pizzoli

Grade 3:

Gold Medal – Rin Sugihara
Silver Medal – Vincent You
Bronze Medal – Jinnosuke Momma
Honorable Mention – Minso Kim

Grade 4:

Gold Medal – Kazuki Yoshizawa
Silver Medal – Nao Mizutani
Bronze Medal – Cass Luk
Honorable Mention – Si-Woo Jun

Grade 5:

Gold Medal – Zeke Wardle
Silver Medal – Shuto Satokawa
Bronze Medal – Ethan Ortega
Honorable Mention – Dante Tiburcio



The top awards in Secondary are:

Middle School:

Gold Medal – Jean Jung, Jasmine Lee
Silver Medal – Pilar Pascual
Bronze Medal – Suu Mishra, Laura Pascual, Venus Balinga
Honorable Mention – Julie Kim and Amy Yoon

High School:

Gold Medal – David Lin
Silver Medal – Jennifer Kim, Beryl Lai, and Honoka Kuroda
Bronze Medal – Aidan Lupori, Taishi Takemoto, and Ashim Sapkota
Honorable Mention – Sung-Jun Kwon and Woo-Hyun Cho

Congratulations to all our brilliant scientific minds!