23 Mar 2021
Tuesday, March 23, 2021

SLAS: Peek into our Classrooms


Recently our SLAS Wildcats have been enjoying some fun and challenging activities!

Check out what our Secondary Cooking class whipped up!


What’s Cookin’ in the Wildcats Kitchen 

Mr Darrell

Secondary Cooking

When you think of one of the most accessible foods, you’ll probably choose pasta first. Almost every country has its own distinctive version of this popular, easy to make and inexpensive food.

In our Wildcats Kitchen, students have traced back the history of pasta. While pasta as we most know is traditionally an Italian food, and we most believed that it originated there. However, our students found out that pasta has a very ancient history that makes it almost impossible for us to know who came up with this idea first. It was even believed that it is likely to be a descendant of ancient Asian noodles. Would you believe it? There’s a belief that Marco Polo brought pasta to Italy from China during the 13th century as mentioned in his book ‘Travels of Marco Polo’.

To explore and celebrate a dish with its long and rich history, students have learned to make their own pasta from scratch using (which ingredients?). And it’s all handmade! On top of that, they learned techniques on how to cook a basic tomato sauce to complete their pasta dishes.

You might find pasta as a comfort food, but it definitely is a culinary connection to histories and our pasts, wherever we may be.

Stay tuned to see what we do in our next unit!