27 Nov 2023
Monday, November 27, 2023

SLAS: National Honors Society


Our first ever NJHS (National Junior Honors Society) Induction Ceremony and a start of a new tradition at Shanghai Livingston American School:

The four young leaders at the front of the ceremony: Jung Eunsong (Belle) – NJHS President, Minoshima Ria – Vice President, Hwang Seohyun – Secretary, and Tanaka Sayo – Treasurer.

These newly appointed leaders took turns lighting each candle signifying a core pillar characteristic of the NJHS: Scholarship, Character, Leadership, & Service.

At the end the president read aloud the NJHS pledge to which the inductees repeated. Chapter Advisor J. Robinson Handed flowers and pins to each inductee signifying acceptance into the NJHS. This year seven new members joined the NJHS.