World Mathematics Championships: Senior Regional Qualifiers!

From February 2 to 4, Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS) in Pudong hosted the World Mathematics Championships: Senior Regional Qualifiers. Six schools from China participated, bringing together 60 students, including nine from SLAS, to compete in a mix of online and offline competitions. The competitions were categorized into strategy, creativity, and knowledge, and covered diverse topics including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, experimental sciences, and the history of mathematics.

Over three days, our nine students engaged in individual challenges, collaborative activities, and debates on current issues. This event was a great opportunity for our students to be exposed to modern tools in a fast-paced environment while simultaneously exploring problem-solving for real-world issues. The “Inspiration” activity include debate rounds related to the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). It was particularly significant for students to apply critical thinking and effective communication while conducting quantitative analysis and predicting future trends.


Although the competition was directed toward ‘Senior Qualifiers,’ a category intended for students in Grades 10 to 12, our Grade 9 students persevered and excelled, Henry Kim winning the Silver Medal in Creativity (Codebreaker, Shuttle, and Inspiration) and Max Yeo winning the Silver Medal in Communication (Scavenger Hunt and Inspiration). I am proud of our students and the considerable energy they put toward academic extracurriculars such as math competitions. Experiences such as this energize students and teachers alike, and we hope students continue to be excited about such opportunities to broaden their horizons and achieve additional personal and academic growth.

Looking forward, SLAS will host a G4-G5 math competition for area international schools this spring. Selected G6-G9 students will attend similar events at YCIS and Harrow.

-Ms Viviene Secondary Math

Shanghai Livingston American School