20 Mar 2023
Monday, March 20, 2023

SLAS: A look into History


History Fair is Back!

After involuntary break caused by COVID lockdowns last year, secondary students let everyone see the results of their determination and team spirit during the grand finale of the History Fair on March 15th and 16th, 2023. Moreover, our annual event has grown as Middle Schoolers were joined by their peers from High School, and History works were sharing the spotlight with Geography projects.

For three months, the teams were researching and investigating topics that caught their interest. For three months, the students kept harnessing creative spirits to summarize their findings in captivating written formats, and to build 3D objects reflecting their topics. Three months that helped our secondary Wildcats understand the value of cooperation and communication.

And that the students really got it, we cannot doubt at all! Projects with unique topics that required courage and consistent effort to elaborate, as well as projects with exceptional depth of research and application of critical historian thinking skills increased the quality standards for our future students. Sheer amount of effort and attention to detail that some teams invested in building their 3D objects has left many viewers speechless.

However, do not take my word for it. Indulge yourselves in the images of the best works below and join us for our 3rd annual Secondary History Fair in 2024!

Mr. Lukas Holas
Secondary History Teacher

“The History Fair was an enlightening experience for us and we learned a lot from it. Time managing and being creative with our resources. . We’re thankful to have been a part of this experience! ”
-Drishti & Grace

History Fair Winners:

Grade 6:

1st place: Seohyun, Yenny, and Yuzuki for their project about Mesopotamian Ziggurat
2nd place: Natsu, Narin, and Kanae for their project about the Roman Forum
3rd place: Joshua, Hyosub, and Mizuki for their project about Punic Wars

Grade 7:

1st place: Ria, Mirei, and Lukas for their project about Black Death
2nd place: Raphael, Sonosuke, and Andy for their work about Vikings
3rd place: Belle and Yein for their work on the Black Death

Grade 8:

1st place: Drishti, Grace for their project about Mayan Civilization
2nd place: Poonam, Mei for their project about Sally Hemings
3rd place: Henry and Franco for their project about Salem Witch Trial

High School:

1st place: Norene for her project on Apartheid in South Africa
2nd place: Lisa, Isabel, and Sophia for their project on Greenhouse Gases on Global Scale
3rd place: Rin, Eito, and Hyeontae for their project about the Industrial Revolution

“My experience at the History Fair has been grand and bit stressful. Overall I enjoyed the learning experience of trying new things to create a project that I call my own. What I learned from the Fair is that you can create something amazing, to gather the right materials and to manage your time well”
-Norene Chan Mula

“​Honestly speaking, I learned an important lesson on Human Rights through the History Fair. Every now and then I see new articles about human rights and questioned if it was worth campaigning for. After researching and reading though materials about human rights to a fair trial, speech, and life that were taken away, I realized the importance  of standing up for all the inalienable rights we deserve as humans.”
-Henry Kim


Photo Credits to Mr. Lukas ,Taylor Kim G8, Mr. Jack