23 Apr 2021
Friday, April 23, 2021

SLAS: Introduction to Graphic Design


Our Secondary Wildcats in Graphic Design Class are challenging their understanding of the sector. From introducing basic Design Elements & Principles, to Propaganda & Typography, students start with and hone the basics before working on a mini project by redesigning existing packaging!

Check out what they’ve been working on with Mr. Luke Patterson (Computer Science & works below:

Introduction to Design Elements and Principles,
    • in this project they needed to use only the basic selection tools and color tools to create a poster to represent their chosen Element or Principle.Jade Seo
Propaganda and typography.
    • They needed to create a custom and type able font for their poster, which had them using a combination of Adobe Illustrator to create the font and Photoshop to finalize their posters. This was an in-depth project that allowed students to explore the Design cycle through research and development. Maxon Jin
      • Our most recent project, students combined what they learned and were requested to redesign the somewhat lackluster Deli stationery packages and give them a new and improved look.  Olha Oliinyk