24 Nov 2022
Thursday, November 24, 2022

SLAS: Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving from SLAS!

All around the world spanning different cultures and societies, the tradition of giving thanks for a bountiful harvest is celebrated. At SLAS, we give thanks to our Community and enjoy many of the activities celebrated at this time of year.
Our Wildcats enjoyed this week! There were many Thanksgiving projects coming up to Thanksgiving Day where they learned about the Mayflower and the stories and history of Thanksgiving. Students practiced giving thanks by writing out what they were thankful for as well as what they appreciated in their lives.
“In KC we read the story of “The First Thanksgiving”, and learned how the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims to survive and start a new life.  The Pilgrims gave thanks to the friendship and harvest, and that is how Thanksgiving began. We made headbands like the ones the Native Americans wore, so we can remember to be thankful to our friends and always be ready to share and lend a hand! “
-Ms Maya


” Another year of invoking the Thanksgiving spirit and enjoying a great American tradition.”

– Ms. Carissa

November Turkey

Hodgson’s Thankful Turkey

Life is filled with struggles and challenges and so November is a great month to set aside some time to consider how much we are blessed. I can remember saying what I was thankful for around the dinner table as I grew up, and now I am happy to have continued this tradition with my own family as well.

Each November, we start the month by creating a featherless turkey. Then each night, we say what we are thankful for, write it on colorful feathers, and hang them on the bird. As the turkey grows and becomes more colorful each night, we realize just how much in our lives we have to be thankful for.

-The Hodgson Family