12 May 2023
Friday, May 12, 2023

SLAS: Grade 4 Wildcats Track Meet!

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On May 11th 2023, our entire Grade 4 attended the Track Meet hosted at SAS comprised of 8 different schools with over 200 students participating. Wildcats got to know and compete with their counterparts displaying their confidence and some great sportsmanship conduct making Livingston proud.

The schools participated in the 100m sprint, 400m, 800m races and relays, javelin throw, long jump, triple jump, and shot put.

The 4th grade Track and Field event was awesome! Kids from many schools including BISS and SAS attended. When we arrived [we immediately] started participating in activities. I ran in the 800m race and tripped over Dylan…making me finish 10th. After the 800m we tried long jumping. I was really tired, but Mr. Daniel encouraged me to try the 200m race. To my surprise, I magically won finishing first!

The main event of the day was the 400m relay. SLAS has 2 boys teams that finished second and fourth and a girls team also finished second. It was an awesome day and all the fourth graders had a lot of fun!”

-Albert Yan G4 Student SLAS