02 Sep 2019
Monday, September 2, 2019

SLAS: 1st House Event of the Year!


We had a fantastic start to the 2019-20 House Events this year! Even though our Wildcats got rained in, they had a great time with their House Coordinators:

Mr. Brian Delsandro White Tigers

Mr. James Jack Silver Snow Leopards

Ms. Mayela Roman Red Lynx

Mr. Richard Silva Black Lions

On Friday, August 23rd, our Wildcats had a great time doing the planned indoor activities game Werewolf! Our Secondary division was mixed into 3-4 teams composed of both Middle School and High School students that played a fun, interactive, and stimulating game.

With randomly assigned roles and the goal of finding the werewolf or taking out the villagers, our Wildcats were challenged to be analytical while creatively playing their roles!

Stay tuned for more from SLAS!