17 Feb 2023
Friday, February 17, 2023

SLAS: 100 Days of School with love

100 Days of School

In Early Years our little Wildcats celebrated 100 days of school along with Valentine’s Day. We had a very fun and productive day as we celebrated 100! We have grown up so much over the past 100 days, learning and playing together with our friends in school. The beautiful posters created by our EY parents and students over the weekend showed the great progress we have made since the start of the year!


 In our K-G2 classes…

Our young Wildcats celebrated 100 days of school along with Valentine’s Day! In G1 students compared numbers and made/handed out their cards in a Valentine’s Craft activity.

G2 students designed their own Valentine’s mailboxes and passed out cards and candies. It was a very exciting and memorable day.

February 14th was a special day for KC as we celebrated both Valentine’s Day and the 100th day of school! We practice counting to 100 almost everyday, and so it was not hard to count 100 stickers and paste them in our posters during our math centers.  The children were so proud (and so were the teachers!). Go Wildcats”

PY 1-2 ELA Resource class

Our G1 & 2 students brought in Valentine goodies to share with their friends. We practiced giving and receiving as part of our social activity.

In our G2 lesson 16 “Mr. Tanen’s Tie Trouble” we learned about raising funds for community projects and introduced the idea of “the more you give the more you get!”

It’s not only about chocolates and candies and cards or physical gifts, but the time you spend, the kind words, and the act of service/helping others on a daily basis that makes a big difference in our lives. We used Valentine’s Day as a time to express our thoughts of appreciating the people around us.


Stay tuned for more!