29 Jan 2015
Thursday, January 29, 2015

Secondary Update – Science


Mr. Kinahan’s Physics class recently finished the unit on force and motion in one dimension and two dimensions. The students worked hard to understand the motion of objects on an incline plane while accounting for frictional forces. The students were able to determine component vectors and use trigonometry to solve for unknown variables. Since finishing the unit on force and motion, the Physics class has begun to cover projectile motion. The students have been solving critical thinking problems with unknown variables for projectiles and trajectories. The students will use their basic knowledge of gravitation to solve problems involving projectile motion, circular motion, and relative velocity during the current unit. The students will begin work on planetary motion, universal gravitation, and rotational motion in the upcoming unit.

Mr. Kinahan’s Chemistry classes have been working hard to understand the dynamics of ionic and covalent bonding. The students have gained a basic knowledge of ionic and covalent bonding in the last few weeks, and have begun to utilize that knowledge to further understand molecular geometry and the weak forces which exist between molecules. Upon completion of the bonding unit, the Chemistry classes will begin their journey into chemical compounds and chemical formulas. The foundation of chemical compounds and chemical formulas will be the building blocks for the chemical reactions unit which will be covered upon completion of the current unit.

Mr. Kinahan