16 Jan 2015
Friday, January 16, 2015

Secondary Update – Mathematics


In MS Math we recently completed a chapter about equations, inequalities, and functions. The skill focus was: evaluating variable expressions and solving equations using mental math. Students learned how to write equations, simplify expressions, and solve equations (involving multiple steps), how to analyze functions, and how to graph them. Students have now begun to study ratios, rates, slopes, and the formation of a proportion. Students relate these mathematical concepts to real-life scenarios, such as: A person burned about 210 calories while in-line staking for 30 minutes. About how many calories would the person burn while in-line skating for 60 minutes? Students set up a proportion and solved for x to determine that the person would burn 420 calories if they participated in in-line skating for 60 minutes.

In Pre Algebra we just finished a chapter about percents. Students learned how to find the percent of a number, solve percent problems, find a percent of change in a quantity (including finding markups, discounts, and tips) and how to calculate interest earned, in addition to account balances. Now, they are learning about linear functions. The students have been analyzing how to represent relations and functions, find and interpret slopes of a line, and how to write and graph linear equations with two variables. Students relate these mathematical concepts to real-life scenarios, such as: How steep is a wake-board ramp that has a rise of 6 feet, and a run of 10 feet? Students came to the conclusion (using the formula for slope of a line) that the wake-board ramp has a slope of 3/5.