16 Mar 2015
Monday, March 16, 2015

Secondary Update: Math


This week the Math department are preparing for the International Day event by assigning projects that will stimulate the students to apply their understanding of Math by using facts and figures to describe countries and their populations.

MS Math will use circle graphs, bar charts and scatter plots to explore national demographics like languages spoken, ethnic group, religions and household consumption. Pre Algebra will use percentages to examine how the cost of living, entertainment and dining change over time.

Calculus classes will look at the data from the past 5 years to extrapolate the pollution levels for this year. They will assess the impact of each citizen reducing their pollution footprint by 1 unit (ex. one less plastic bottle, one less taxi ride).

Algebra classes will use line graphs to illustrate the variations in climate in different cities within the same country. Geometry students will use their knowledge of shapes, lines and angles to describe the construction of famous buildings and significant national landmarks.

Algebra 2 students will use ZIPF’S LAW to model relationships between populations, rank cities in a country by making a scatter plot and determine its equation using power rule. They will then predict the rank of some cities not used in the scatter plot.

Mr. Peter