08 Mar 2016
Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Secondary Senior Project Presentations


The Senior English classes are focused on the completion of the Senior Research paper, which is a school requirement for all senior students. The students are writing a formal research paper on an independently selected topic. The topic must be concerning a problem or issue of importance that affects the global community (world issue). Students are researching the topic (problem) and providing two solutions to resolve the world issue. Upon completion of the research paper, seniors will begin creating their presentations. A visual presentation of the paper executed in a creative and informative manner will be performed before the student body, teachers, and administrators. All seniors have selected a faculty mentor to assist and guide them through the process of completing the presentation. Both the paper and presentation, and any assignments related to the execution of the project, will be administered by the Senior English teacher and/or another faculty member and counted in the students’ English class and toward their final course completion. Since it is a mandatory requirement for all seniors, students must pass both parts of the project with a 65 or higher. Moreover, the Senior Project is the opportunity for SLAS seniors to showcase to the student body, teachers, administrators, and parents that they are Global Citizens who have acquired and possess all four Core Values: Creative Thinker, Proficient Communicator, Compassionate Citizen, and Confident Individual!