29 Feb 2016
Monday, February 29, 2016

Secondary – Science: learning about mirrors


This week in SLAS, students in our physics class have been learning about mirrors.  After looking at basic terminology and conventions relating to mirrors and reflection, we investigated both mathematical and graphical models of how light interacts with various types of reflective surfaces.  We also briefly began discussing the types of images that can be produced by different shapes of mirrors, as well as the properties of the images being produced.  Over the next week, students will be expanding their knowledge of mirrors and reflection through a series of hands-on graphical modeling exercises, before diving into the laws of refraction, which will prepare us to explore lenses and their applications.

In the middle school, our physical science students have just wrapped up a unit on energy and thermodynamics.  This week, we took our knowledge of energy, as well as our previous understanding of the laws of motion, and applied them to the concept of “work.”  This is a tricky subject that requires student to apply their mathematical skills, as well as their conceptual understanding of forces and energy.  Over the next week, we will begin applying this new concept as we learn about simple machines, and begin designing compound machines that will help us to complete specific tasks.