10 Nov 2015
Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Primary visited the zoo!


This week in Kindergarten we have been reading and discussing the amazing ways animals move! We learned all sorts of new vocabulary and wrote about things we knew, things we learned and things we want to learn more about. All of the children are very interested in learning about animals and to top it all off we visited the zoo! What a delightful day we spent looking at all the amazing creatures, listening to the sounds they make and observing the way they move!


In social studies we have been learning about the world we live in, the continents, and the countries we are from.

In science we have been learning about insects. Ask the Kindergartners to describe an insect for you and they will tell you with confidence that all insects have six legs and three body parts!

In math, we introduced a game that reinforces number recognition and comparisons called ‘Top It’. The children also made some amazing pictures using pattern blocks.