This week has been Literacy Week and it has been a great opportunity to celebrate the importance of reading.  We have been taking time each day to discuss how reading affects our lives every day. We celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday by dressing up for Wacky Wednesday!  Fifth grade students also came to read Dr. Seuss books to the class.  On Thursday students and teachers together created public service announcement posters about why it is important to read and on Friday students created reading bookmarks and made green eggs and ham in class for afternoon snack time.


In math we have been learning the foundation concepts of multiplication through arrays.  We are identifying arrays in our everyday lives and also learning to create our own.

We have been learning the comprehension strategy of cause and effect in literacy and using this concept to learn about our environment and how people change their environments for good and for bad.  We are exploring the ideas of conservation through not only reading in our text but also through recycling and reusing items in our own classroom.


We had a special treat this week as Ms. Marta came to our classroom and guided students through an experiment.  They used the Scientific Method starting with a question, making a hypothesis, recording data and then drawing a conclusion.  It was great preparation for our science fair projects this month.