26 Apr 2016
Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Primary – 1st Grade


First grade has been busy this spring as we move towards the end of the year. In math class we have been exploring fractions and money. The students have had an opportunity to work hands on with the materials to understand the concepts. The students love math centers in first grade and we have had an opportunity to use coins, geo boards and white boards this week. In science and social studies we have been learning all about Earth Day,and how we can help make the better place as a class and as individuals. We will be making earth friendly bird feeders and planning planters this week as hands on projects that are part of Earth Day. In literacy we have been doing published pieces of writing in narrative and realistic fiction. We are preparing to write our own books as an end of the year project. The students are looking forward to the end of the year festivities and their Spring Concert as well as the Talent Show. The first graders are working hard on their International Day projects.