16 Feb 2016
Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pre-School A Enjoyed making new years greeting video.


It’s been a short but exciting week in Preschool A as we finished up our Winter studies and prepared to welcome the Chinese New Year.  Spring Festival has been the focus of much of our work this week.  We enjoyed making New Year’s Greeting Video with our fellow students in Early Years.  If you haven’t seen it yet, please visit http://www.laschina.org/blog/happy-chinese-new-year-2016/ to celebrate with us!  We’ve also been excited by making red paper cuts to decorate the windows, the Lucky Money counting center, and many new Chinese New Year themed books.


Our favorite activity was planning and making our very own LION DANCE to scare away bad luck and welcome in the good luck to our classroom in the New Year.  This imaginative activity was filled with creativity, conversation between students, cooperation, and problem solving.  What a wonderful way to conclude and celebrate the learning we have done this unit.