09 Nov 2018
Friday, November 9, 2018

Jogathon 2018

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Jogathon 2018 was a great event for our Wildcats!

We would like to thank everyone for their remarkable generosity in donating to the athletics department for Jogathon 2018.
It was a fantastic turnout and we appreciate all those who took part in the annual Jogathon event!
Please find the results below:
Jogathon Winners (10 points each):
G5 – Black Lions
G4 – Red Lynx
G3 – Black Lions
G2 – Red Lynx
G1 – Red Lynx
K – Red Lynx
Pre K – Silver Snow Leopards
Pre S – Silver Snow Leopards
Total Distances 
1. Red Lynx 39,575m (Win Bonus 20 points)
2. White Tigers – 38,255m
3. Silver Snow Leopards – 37,930m
4. Black Lions – 37,775m
Overall we raised 10,881RMB for the Athletics Department.
Black Lions – 3,141RMB
Silver Snow Leopards – 2,480 RMB
White Tigers – 3,320 RMB (Win Bonus 20 points)
Red Lynx – 1,940 RMB


to our 2 outstanding donations by:
Jin Xi 2A (SSL) for Primary
Aoi Kitagawa PSA (SSL) for Early Years




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