12 Dec 2016
Monday, December 12, 2016

Jogathon 2016 Results

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Jogathon Distances & Points:

  • 1st Place: Black Lions 29,060m / 40 Points
  • 2nd Place: Silver Snow Leopards 28,570m / 30 Points
  • 3rd Place: White Tigers 28,170m / 20 Points
  • 4th Place: Red Lynx 27,940m / 10 Points

Although the distances show one result the race winners were spread out:

  • Red Lynx won 4 races 40 Points
  • Black Lions won 4 races 40 Points
  • White tigers won 3 Races 30 Points
  • Silver Snow leopards won 2 races 20 Points

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Jogathon was again a great success and special praise must go to the members of staff who helped all day, the day couldn’t have happened without you! Thanks to the parents for their kind contributions and attendance! Also, We would like to thank our SLAS PTA parents for holding a wonderful Kiosk during Jogathon. They brought a delicious variety of snacks, fruits, and drinks.

Here are the fundraising Results:

Total money raised: 17,166!!

  • Black lions 5,020RMB
  • Red Lynx 4,056 RMB
  • White Tigers 4,670RMB
  • Silver Snow Leopards 3,390RMB

Funds raised by this event are used directly by our Athletic Department to buy new equipment and provide a better experience for our PE and other Athletic programs. A full breakdown of the points awarded will be on the next website update.