16 Mar 2015
Monday, March 16, 2015

Japanese Kindergarten Graduation


Local health officials inspect SLAS food services on a regular basis. We have always been given top rating on safety and cleanliness. Imagine our surprise when we were visited by health service officials a few days after our latest inspection and old that a number of Japanese children and their parents suffered digestive problems after eating lunch provided after Saturday’s Japanese Kindergarten graduation ceremony.

The lunch was catered by an outside agency, and did not involved Shanghai Livingston American School’s food service. Health officials asked if SLAS had refrigerated, heated, or served the lunch using school utensils. The school was not involved in the preparation or serving of the luncheon in anyway and was exonerated by the Health officials for any responsibility in the mishap. Nevertheless, we are sorry that our children and parents suffered “tummy problems” after such a beautifully organized and uplifting ceremony.