06 Oct 2014
Monday, October 6, 2014

Elementary Update: October 2014


1sr Grade

In first grade, we have been writing about opinions.  We have been reading fiction and non-fiction, working on reading responses and also studying our weekly vocabulary words through word work.  In math, we have been learning about nickels, counting by 2’s and 5’s and adding and subtracting.  We have been learning about measurement and mass in science.

Miss Amber & Miss Zoe


2nd Grade

This week in second grade; we are learning about fact and opinion in reading, editing our stories in writing, learning about frames and arrows in math, and are starting a new science unit entitled I Am a Scientist. Students will be introduced to the skills and processes scientists use.

Ms. Leslie


3rd Grade

In 3rd grade Reading we have been learning how to summarize a short story.  In Writing we finished our character essays.  In Math we’ve been covering solving problems with larger numbers, “What’s My Rule?” problems, and parts and total number stories.  In Social Studies we covered Christopher Columbus, and Lewis and Clark.

Mr. Luis


4th Grade

This week in 4th grade the students are publishing their character essays!  The students did a wonderful job writing these essays!  In Science we visited the Science lab and experimented with balances as we weighed different types of matter.  We have learned about the Maya Civilization and we are moving into the Aztec Civilization.  So much too learn, the students are enjoying learning about all the different cultures.  Have a wonderful holiday!

Ms. Rhonda


5th Grade

This week 5th grade is studying 5th grade is studying divisibility rules/Prime & Composite in Math, Personal Narratives & short vowel patterns in Language Arts, Immigration in Social Studies and the Nature of Science.

Ms. Bracks