05 Sep 2014
Friday, September 5, 2014

What’s going on in Elementary

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1st grade

This week in first grade, we continued our classroom job routine, started a “Star of the Day” writing activity, and learned how to retell fiction and nonfiction stories. We learned about good citizenship, being honest, and being part of a group. We also learned how to solve number stories and about the thermometer.

Miss Amber & Miss Zoe


2nd grade

Second Grade learned about text to text connections in reading, addition number stories in math, synonyms in grammar, and how rules are created and enforced in social studies. Welcome to our new student, Teresa Choi!

Ms. Leslie

3rd grade

We have been covering the connections we make when reading books during Reading class.  In Writing we continue to practice writing about reading.  In Math,  we’ve been covering finding differences between numbers, using calculators and money.  In Science we continued exploring mass, volume and mixtures.

Mr. Luis

4th grade

Fourth grade is continuing with their writing and reading skills.  In math, they drew concentric circle designs using their compasses.

Ms. Rhonda

5th grade

This week in 5th Grade we’re studying:   Math-Arrays, Lang.Arts-Reader’s Voice/Using Rubrics,& in  Social Studies-United States Immigrants.

Ms. Brax