Transportation is in high gear in Early Years, and children are learning about everything from traffic lights and rules for safe travel to exploring the forces of motion using ramps and toy cars. Children have been busy creating colorful crafts and artwork of airplanes, busses, and traffic lights, and experimenting with the tracks made by various toy vehicles in play dough. Stories being read include both fiction and nonfiction selections that expose children to numerous types of land, air, and water transportation, while activity centers allow children to deepen these discoveries. Pair shares and small group activities give children the freedom to explore topics with classmates, and enable them to children to make connections and build friendships. This week has definitely brought more one to one and small group interactions among your little ones, as well as cooperation and willingness to compromise. We appreciate the collaborative effort made by all parents during these past few weeks, and look forward to more growth in the weeks ahead!

Full steam ahead! Next week, our transportation continues theme continues.