06 Oct 2014
Monday, October 6, 2014

Early Years Update: October 2014



Look out! Preschool is in Love with the Letter L this week!  The children are making great connections between phonetic sounds and letters.  In Centers we have done lots of one to one correspondence practice with dice games, as well as several logic and matching activities.  We also worked to improve our fine motor skills with paper cutting activities, playdough creations, and free drawing activities.  Most importantly, the children are becoming more interested in playing together and sharing materials with one another.  This social and emotional growth is great to see so early in the year!

Ms. Sarah



This week we have a perfectly pleasant time with the letter p.  We had pizza, practiced our letter writing, and sang songs about pigs, penguins, and pizza.  We also finished our family picture frames and have them displayed in the classroom.  In math we worked with shapes and used them to decorate pictures and make new pictures of our own!

Ms. Victoria



We continued our discovery of our amazing senses, this week focusing on our sense of hearing. We played sound bingo, talked about loud and soft sounds and read ‘Why Mosquito’s Buzz in People’s Ears’. In math we reinforced oral counting and recognizing teen numbers through movement activities and introduced the concept of estimation. In literacy we reviewed three new letters this week h, r and m and talked about the title fitting the story.

What fun this week has been!

Ms. Nadya