28 May 2014
Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Early Years Update: May 2014


The Early Years department has continued our discovery of the ocean and sea creatures. We have been reading books, singing songs and doing art work about fish, sharks, whales, seals and more.

Nursery: We learned words that begin with letter S and its sound e.g. Ss Sun, snake, seal, sunflower. We also did sorting and counting blocks by size (Big and small) and reviewed numbers one to fifteen.

Pre School: We have successfully completed our study of the alphabet and we had a blast doing it. Hooray!!! The children have been playing dice games and matching objects in their math centers.

Pre-Kindergarten: This week in Pre K we learned about words that in end in _op. We read many books about the ocean and created maps of our rooms to study positional and spatial awareness in math. We rehearsed for the spring concert and visited the library.

Kindergarten: This week in Kindergarten we continued learning about informational text and fictional text, as well as reviewing word families and assessments. How much can you do in an hour? How much can you do in a minute? Does a clock have hands? These are some of the questions we asked ourselves as we have begun learning to tell time.

Sport’s Day was a big success and we thank those of you who were able to make it to this event despite the changes in dates.


Ms. Nadya